3 Signs She’s Really Looking for a LTR

Unfortunately, some women aren’t honest about what they’re really looking for. The vast majority of women you meet on hookup sites are going to be exactly what’s advertised. A lady looking for a little NSA fun will present herself as such on a site geared toward sex, rather than relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on your guard for imposters. Some women say they want a casual sexual relationship, but in reality, they’re really more interested in a serious relationship. Here are three signs that she might be looking for an LTR, rather than a hookup.

She Talks about the Future

“If she is talking about the future then it’s a sign she is looking for a LTR”

When you first meet up with a woman from an online hookup site, you should be vigilant about listening to how she describes her life. If she talks a lot about the future and who she sees in it, that’s a red flag that she might be picturing you there, too. Sometimes women don’t even know that they want a relationship, but it comes out how they speak and what they talk about. She might even truly believe that she can handle a hookup. In reality, though, if you pursue a one night stand with her, she might turn around and flip out because she realizes she doesn’t want it to be casual. If you meet up with a woman and all she talks about is where she sees herself in five years-and with whom-it’s time to bail.

She Shares Intimate Information

If she is over sharing things then it means she sees you as LTR material”

There’s a fine line between being polite and over sharing when you’re casually dating. Being polite means sharing little tidbits of interesting information about yourself to make small talk, such as sharing hobbies or what you do for a living. Over sharing is when you start revealing your deepest, darkest secrets to a total stranger. Women want to over share to someone who understands, spilling their thoughts and issues into the open. If a woman starts doing this to you, it probably means that she sees you as LTR material and wants to emotionally engage you. If you’re only looking for hookups, back away and disengage.

She’s Looking for Someone Special

This is one of the biggest tip-offs that you’re dealing with a woman who says she wants one thing, but obviously desires another. Once a woman starts talking about “someone special,” you’re in dangerous territory. She might even try to get the phrase to apply to casual sex, such as claiming that her hookups are special solely on a sexual level. Disregard her excuses, because if she’s really looking for someone special, you don’t want to be that guy. You’ll find yourself caught in her crosshairs without much recourse once she’s already met you a few times. You should get out while you can if these words are uttered. A woman who’s really looking for a hookup won’t mention the future, who she’s looking for, or her personal life. She’ll stick to safe chit-chat and polite conversation, but then be ready to get down to business immediately. Always pay attention to what a woman is telling you, because it might not be what you expect or want to hear.


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