3 Signs That Mean You Should Make a Move on the First Date

When you first start dating a new lady you met online, it can be hard to gauge what her expectations are. She might seem eager to hop in the sack, or maybe she’s playing it cool. Whatever the situation, women often work in code. You need to really sit down and decipher what she’s trying to tell you. In fact, they sometimes don’t even realize that they’re being vague. There are ways to understand the unspoken messages she’s sending you if you want to make a move on the first date, but you aren’t sure. Here are three signs that you’re good to go.

She Leans in Close

“If she is leaning towards you, then it’s a sign to make a move”

Whether you’re out to dinner or just taking a casual stroll, if your lady friend leans into you, that’s positive body language. You can learn a lot if you stop and pay attention to how a woman moves. Body language speaks far more than words many times, even when she’s saying some out loud. If she’s uncomfortable, then she’ll be very closed. Such positions as crossed arms or being slightly hunched over are very bad signs. That means that for whatever reason, she’s not feeling the date. While this isn’t a death sentence on your romantic connection and a potential hookup, you need to tread carefully. If she’s doing the opposite and is open and touchy-feely, then go ahead and make your move.

She Shares Her Desires

“If she is flirting with you, make your move”

Women can feel self conscious about airing their sexual desires. While this isn’t true all of the time, often women are so vague about what they want in bed it leaves a guy clueless. This is because social mores say that women should behave in a prim and proper way. That’s the opposite of what you want, since you’re looking for some action. If a woman is on guard, though, she won’t share her innermost thoughts with you. She’ll keep the conversation very superficial and polite, and flirtation will be almost nonexistent. It’s impossible to breach this interpersonal barrier once it’s up. However, a great sign that your date is into hooking up is if she talks liberally about what she likes in bed. That means she’s comfortable and confident enough around you to speak candidly. This can lead to fun times in bed, so take it as a sign she’s interested and pay attention to what she says.

She Doesn’t Look at Her Phone

A reality of modern day society is the constant distraction of Smartphones. While they make your life convenient, sometimes it can be a downer on a date. If your female companion keeps checking her phone every five minutes, it probably means she’s bored. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, don’t feel bad about checking out early. Not only does it indicate she’s not interested, but it’s also just plain rude. That could also mean that she’s rude in bed, too, and isn’t interested in equal pleasure. On the other hand, if her phone stays in her purse where it belongs, you should feel confident that she thinks you’re sexy.


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