Easy Ways to Tell If She’s a Win or a Dud Based on the Way She Chats

One of the only downsides of using an online dating website is that you don’t get to meet ladies face to face. Instead, you’re introduced to them through the site’s private messaging system or through comments they leave on your profile. People who scoff at online dating use that fact as a way to point out that you can’t really tell what a woman’s like when you’re only able to chat with her online. However, that’s not entirely true. Even through messaging there are ways to tell if a woman’s going to be worth your time or if she’s someone you should make a point of avoiding. All you have to do is understand what her chat skills say about her.

You Can Barely Understand Her

“What has she written? Such poor communication skills!”

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on the Internet knows just how badly some people manage to mangle English. Sometimes that’s okay though, because not everyone can type well. However, if you encounter a woman who’s words are an alphanumeric nightmare to try and decipher, you may want to steer clear. The fact that she’s not even bothering to try and be understandable means that she thinks that communication skills are not all that necessary, which is unfortunate because they really are, particularly when you’re trying to get to know someone online. She may even laugh or scoff when people address her awful typing and grammar, which is another sign that she doesn’t think it’s important to communicate. Unless you want to end up on a date with a woman who really doesn’t think first impressions are all that important, it might be a good idea to stop chatting with her and move on to another woman.

All She Talks about Is Herself

When you’re first meeting women online, it is important to talk a little bit about yourself, especially if she’s asking you questions about what you do and what you like. However, at some point you need to stop focusing on you and make an effort to learn more about her-that’s kind of the point of chatting on a dating website, after all. If you’ve met a woman but all she’s willing to talk about is herself, it’s a sign that she’s not only really self-centered, but she doesn’t think you’re worth knowing much about. If you’re only looking to hook up with her this might not bother you but if you’re interested in something long-term, you’re probably going to want to skip over her and find another woman who seems interested in what you have to say.

She Talks About Being Spoiled

“Heights! How could she think that I can be her sugar daddy”

There are a lot of arrangements that people seek online: long-term relationship, no strings attached sex, flings, and sugar baby/sugar daddy. The latter is something you probably won’t even consider unless you’ve got the cash to spare and don’t mind paying women for “companionship.” Wannabe sugar babies will look for their sugar daddies anywhere, including dating websites. So if the woman you’ve been chatting up likes to emphasize how much she likes to be taken care of and spoiled, it may be a sign that she’s eyeing you up to be her sugar daddy. Unless that’s what you’re into, you might want to move on.


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