How to Hook Up Undetected as a Married Man

Maybe your marriage isn’t everything you thought it would be. Maybe the sex is lacking, maybe you’ve drifted apart, or maybe you’re just not meant to be together. Whatever the reason, you’re now looking into getting a little extra-marital action on the side, but you’re not sure how to do it without getting caught. The truth is it’s not easy to cheat on your spouse. Even if you don’t feel guilty about it there are a hundred ways you can slip up and get caught, and if that happens you’re definitely going to experience a shit storm. This doesn’t mean that cheating isn’t an option and after all, if you really want to do it you’re probably just going to go ahead and do it. The key to success is in how you decide to do it, and if you want to cheat without getting caught you need to learn how to be as sneaky as possible.

Planning is a Priority

“Plan everything precisely so that everything looks real”

You might think cheating on your spouse is as easy and finding another woman who wants to bang, and that’s true. But if you want to cheat without getting caught, you can’t be carefree about it. Doing this undetected means you need to plan everything-who you’ll hook up with, where you’ll do it, when, and what you’ll tell your spouse as an excuse. You can’t just make this stuff up on the fly because there are way too many factors that will probably come back to bite you in the ass. If you want your excuse to be believable, you need to think it through thoroughly. You need to account for what your spouse will think and you need to have a reliable alibi. If you’re going to be hooking up completely on the sly when your wife is away, you won’t need to worry too much about those aspects, but it’s still a really good idea to have a story in place in case she starts to suspect something. Basically, no matter how you decide to cheat (or who you cheat with) it’s crucial that you plan everything out.

Keep Your Trap Shut

“No need to share your plan with your friends”

As tempting as it is to brag to all your buddies that you’re banging that hot waitress from the bar near your place, it’s a very bad idea. “Loose lips sink ships” is the idiom and it’s extremely accurate. Even if you swear all your pals to secrecy, chances are better than good that one of them will mention what you’re doing to someone they shouldn’t and it’ll then get back to your wife. So unless you cherish the idea of your spouse finding out and the resulting divorce, you need to keep your trap shut.

Act Casual

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that men get caught cheating. Maybe their alibis are rock solid. Maybe their excuses make sense. Maybe absolutely nothing ordinary about what they’re doing-except their behaviour. The fact that you’re screwing around on your wife is always going to be on your mind, and because of that it’s probably going to affect the way you behave. You might not even be aware of it, which is why it’s so hard to keep what you’re doing secret. After you start cheating you might find it hard to meet her eyes. You might also find it hard to be close to her, touch her, or even cuddle with her. All of these are huge warning signs that you’re dipping your stick somewhere else.


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