How to Let Her down after a Long-Time Hookup Relationship

“It’s time to end this, I can’t bear it now”

Having a relationship with a woman where you hook up with her and then don’t really have to worry about commitment or fidelity is awesome – friends with benefits can be an amazing thing to have. However, sometimes things change. You either find a woman you’re more interested in, you find someone you actually want to commit to and be faithful to, or you just don’t feel the same spark anymore. There are tons for reasons why you may want to end a long-standing hookup relationship with a woman, but it can be difficult to do. Obviously it was a casual relationship, but having that many booty calls under your belt can make it a little difficult to move on when the time is right. There are some things you need to learn about how to let a woman down after having a long-time hookup relationship with her. Here’s what you should know about ending these things:

Try to Gauge How Invested She Is in the Relationship

If your hookup partner couldn’t care less about whether or not you continue to hook up, then you’re obviously not going to have a very difficult time getting her to accept that it’s over. However, if she seems to enjoy your booty calls more than you do, then you might have a bit more trouble. How you end things all depends on how invested she is in the relationship. If she treats it more seriously than a hookup warrants, you’re going to need to be as delicate and thoughtful as possible. If she doesn’t seem to mind, you should be able to break things off fairly easily and without much fuss. Keep this in mind before you approach her about ending the relationship.

Break It to Her Gently

“Just say that she deserves someone better than him”

You don’t want to be blunt about it, no matter how invested you think she is in your relationship. Try to break it to her gently. Message her or meet up with her and tell her your reasoning, and if it’s a casual relationship like it should be then you should be able to leave it at that. Just try to consider her feelings when you’re breaking the news to her. Don’t make it out to be her fault, just mention that you want to move on or that you’ve found someone you need to commit to. It shouldn’t be that difficult to break it off.

Remember You Don’t Have an Obligation to Her

Even if you’ve been hooking up with one woman for a long time, it doesn’t mean that you have an obligation to commit to her or stay with her. There’s a difference between hooking up and being in a relationship. Keep that in mind if she starts getting clingy or acting really upset when you break it off with her. You don’t owe her anything, so don’t let her talk you into staying with her or anything like that. You don’t need to do anything for her, since it was just a hookup relationship.


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