How You Can Go from Being a Relationship Guy to a Hookup Guy

“Change your mindset, NSA is the best thing ever”

Some men are known as being relationship guys, and some have the reputation as a being a hookup heartbreaker. When you’re ready to fall into the latter category, it’s not so easy as just changing your outlook, though. Being a hookup guy is a lot different than being a relationship guy. If you want women to see you as a destination for hot, casual sex, but you’ve always been involved in LTRs, there are some changes you need to make. It’s only a matter of knowing what tweaks to make in your lifestyle and how to approach dating differently. Here are a few tips to get the reputation you really want.

Revamp Your Image and Dating Style

“Transform yourself into a babe magnet material”

If you’ve always found yourself in an LTR and you’re ready for something new, then it’s time to revamp your style in all ways. To begin with, if you’re an ordinary dresser, transform your aesthetic into a dapper one. By just adding a few shots of color here and there, and buying a decent new pair of shoes, you increase women’s interest in you as a potential hookup. Looking slick really does get you a long way. Additionally, you need to rethink your dating style itself. Don’t go into a date expecting a meaningful connection. Rather, try approaching it as hoping for chemistry and then enjoying a hot hookup. Don’t think too much.

Don’t Talk about Your Relationship History

Hookup guys don’t talk about their past relationships and they’re not sensitive. If you want to be seen as the guy the gal wants to sleep with, you need to give off that image. For example, instead of spending an entire evening sharing a heartfelt story about an ex, don’t touch on it at all. If your date asks about your relationship history, play it off and don’t answer. Making yourself seem unavailable and casual drives women mad. They want to know you and see what you’re all about, and they’ll hang all over you to do so. However, that won’t happen if they suddenly see you as the sensitive, vulnerable guy. These qualities also often translate to a weak personality, whereas the true hookup guy is always confident and upbeat.

Avoid Elaborate Romantic Gestures

Don’t go overboard when you meet a woman for a hookup. While it’s always in your best interests to be polite, don’t bring her a huge bouquet of roses or do something special on the first date. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not looking for a girlfriend, so don’t act like it. A relationship guy is the man who tries to romance his date and bring a little old-fashioned sappy stuff into the picture. The hookup guy is cool and smooth, and doesn’t go out of his way to do over to the top things for his dates. Every woman is a potential conquest, but also special in her own way. If you can straddle this very fine line between caring too much and caring too little, then you’ll be able to successfully transition over to being a hookup guy.


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