Master Smooth Moves to Make Your Fling Swoon

Setting yourself up with a no strings attached hookup online can be very efficient. You set up a profile, surf the market for hot women, and then get them to come have sex with you. While the deal seems pretty solid, there’s a lot more that you can personally do to make the experience better overall. Sure, women want sex just as much as guys do, but that doesn’t mean that they’re stoked when it’s a matter of hitting it and then quitting it. Putting a little bit of extra effort into making her swoon will pay off for everyone involved. Mastering smooth moves doesn’t have to be difficult; you just have to follow a few key steps.

The Casual Touch

“Touching her casually will make her think you’re interested in her”

The casual touch is awesome because women notice this one. They’ll see that you’re trying to touch them nonchalantly but they’ll know it’s on purpose, so really it’s even more effective than you’d think. The best way to do this is to be sitting near her, but across from her. Tables, lawns, and coffee shops really work best for this sort of setup. Of course, you could just stand in front of her. Whatever you decide, reach out and casually touch her when the moment calls for it. If she’s wearing earrings, comment on how cute or pretty they are and reach out to touch them, as if you’re looking at them closer. She’ll be hyper-aware of what’s going on. Comparing shirt sleeves, watches, shoes, or something else on your person can lead to you brushing against her just as easily. Helping her through doors or letting her go ahead of you on the stairs will allow you to quickly touch the small of her back as well. This makes her feel closer to you and more intimate overall, just make sure you’re resting your hand on her gently. You want to be barely felt, not heavy handed.

Getting Closer

“Try and get closer to her and make her feel your warmth”

Just because you know you’re going to end up in bed together that night doesn’t mean that it’s going to be immediately comfortable. After taking her back to your place, you’ll probably find that she sits on a couch or separate chair from you. If it’s a rolling chair this is easier, but regardless of wheels you need to get her closer to you. Rolling chairs can be playfully placed by using your feet to glide her over towards you. Stationary chairs may need a different approach. If you can’t find a way to cutely move the chair while she’s in it then you’ll have to pull up a stool or something to get near her. On the couch you can always turn your body with your knee resting on the cushion to bridge the divide. Getting your body closer to hers slowly will alleviate whatever weird pressure is going on and give her the warm, romantic feeling that she’s looking for. Just remember that you want to take your time with this. You have all night for the hookup, so savor the beginning.


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