Rookie Household Mistakes Guys Make When Preparing Their Place for a Fling

As a guy it’s always easier to host flings at your place. Since a fling does last for a little while you run a lower risk of running into any boyfriend that she has, you get to control the setting, and you don’t have to drive home after it’s all said and done. These can go to a guy’s head and he may overlook certain qualities that are being used at his home that suck. More often than not guys don’t realize that there are certain things that they do that really annoy or disgust women. Figuring out these habits and replacing them can raise your rate for her return.

Clean Your Toilet AND Shower

Guys, it should be a well-known fact that toilets matter to women. Who knows why, but we’ve got to keep it all clean. That means that you get down with a sponge and wash the inside, outside, top, and bottom of this bathroom machine. Then move over to the shower. This is a place that women often look or judge. If there’s mold in the bathtub then she’ll assume that you’re putting on a front and don’t care enough to clean in real life.

Stock Your Fridge

“There is nothing in here, what do I do now?”

You may feel like the type that will just kick a woman out right after you have sex, but sometime over this fling you’ll find that you’re going to be feeding her breakfast. Most likely you won’t know what day this is, since you’ll be put on the spot. Be prepared and always stock your pantry so that you don’t have to come back with a Surprise Breakfast Burrito featuring old eggs and the sour cream that you had left over. Or was that yogurt? Never play this game because you’ll lose. While she may say that she doesn’t expect you to take care of her or do something sweet she’s really hoping that you will. Women talk a lot and if she spreads the words that you’re a romantic who is prepared enough to take care of a woman spontaneously. The good karma is way worth it in the end.

Have Entertainment

“Watch some movie, helps her open up to you”

Flings don’t mean that you’re going to get straight into sex each time There will be times that it would be way too awkward or rushed just to start having sex. In these times it’s important to something that you can talk and connect over. While technology is awesome, it’s not enough to make the human connection. Go with movies, music, and T.V. to spark up conversation. Not having something to entertain both of you when you’re just not in the mood yet can end up saving an evening.

When you’re looking to hook up with a woman take the time to look at your house through her eyes. What will she do after sex? What will she need? What will she see? While it’s not necessarily changing what you’re like, it can create a comfortable and calm environment. These are the best kind for great sex with your fling.


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