Setting the Mood with a Pre-Hookup Date

There’s only one thing that can make a hookup date even more awesome than it’s guaranteed to be, and that’s using the date beforehand to really set the mood. If you can get your partner so turned-on that she can barely keep her hands off of you, the sex is going to totally blow your mind. It’s not as easy as you’d think to make sure the date sets the right mood because you need to pick a great location, a great activity, and most of all you need to be able to convey clearly that you can’t hardly wait until to see her naked. If you’re able to successfully do all of those, it’ll become a hookup that you’ll never, ever forget.

Pick an Intimate Setting

"Prefer a location that will help both of you to focus on each other"

“Prefer a location that will help both of you to focus on each other”

If you’re looking to set a mood that’s conducive to amazing sex afterward, avoid places that are loud, crowded, and too out in the open. A popular bar on a Friday night, for example, probably isn’t the best choice. You’re going to want to something with a more intimate setting. An upscale restaurant or small pubs, both are good choices. You could also opt to have the date at your place. Obviously this will require some effort on your behalf-particularly if you want to serve her a fantastic, intimate meal-but it might be worth it. With just the two of you interacting you’ll be able to focus solely on your attraction to each other, tease each other, and ultimately end up in bed without having to drive or take a cab home.

Pamper Her

“Make her feel special by giving her flowers”

Even if you’re just looking to hook up this once, there’s no harm in pampering her for one night. Making her feel beautiful, sexy, and wanted is only going to translate to good things for you later in the bedroom. So don’t be afraid to buy her flowers or some other kind of trinket you think she’ll like in order to start the date off. Make sure to pay constant attention to her and to be charming, funny, and polite. You want her to feel like she’s the center of your world even if it’s just this once. If you’ve done a good job, she’ll be more than willing to return the favour when the two of you are naked between the sheets.

Tease Her

Think about how you feel when a hot date flirts and teases you in order to get you all riled up. You love it, right? And not only that, but it makes the actual sex so much better. So why not do the same for her in order to assure that this hookup is an amazing one? Tease her over dinner by touching her, kissing her, or whispering in her ear just how much you’re looking forward to seeing her naked. Make a point of trying to see just how turned on you can get her when you’re out in public. Remember, the hotter she is before, the wilder she’ll be when you’re both in bed together at the end of the night. Pull out all your tricks to make sure she’s ready to jump you the moment you’re both alone.


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