Signs Your Date is Actually a Train Wreck Waiting to Happen

It happens to everyone: the bad date, the one you wish had never happened and the one you use to compare every other date you have from that point on. Unfortunately there’s no real way of predicting if a first date is going to go well or not, which means that every time you get together with a new woman, there’s always a risk things are going to head south. However, once you’re in her company there are telltale signs that she’s going to turn into the date from hell. If you know how to spot and read those signs, you might actually be able to avoid disaster by cutting things short.

She Mocks You

"She will make fun of you all the time"

“She will make fun of you all the time”

If she’s laughed/scoffed at everything about you-your car, your clothes, your hair, your accent-it’s a pretty good sign that this dating train is about to derail in the near future. The fact that she’s so quick to judge without knowing you at all means that she’s probably a very shallow, very vindictive person. And unless you’re some kind of freaky masochist, you probably don’t want that kind of negativity in your life. If she’s spent the majority of the date looking down on you and everything you do, it’s time to bail. Don’t even worry about trying to be polite about it, either, because she doesn’t deserve it.

She Gets Sick Instantly

“It is a sign that she is not interested in you”

If you’ve only just sat down at the table you reserved at a nice restaurant and she instantly claims she’s sick, it’s probably a sign that she’s trying to bail on you. You should be able to tell if she’s lying fairly easily-if she looks absolutely fine, for example, but has a hard time meeting your eyes when she talks or constantly checks her phone, it’s pretty apparent that she’s pretending to be sick to get out of the date. On the other hand, if she’s sweating, looks pale, or bolts to the bathroom in order to puke, it’s a legitimate complaint.

Stiff Body Language

So you’re a half hour into your date and she’s still sitting with her arms and legs crossed, leaned as far back into her chair as she can go. That’s not the body language of someone enjoying themselves. Instead it’s a sign that she’s really not entertained. If she refuses to flash a smile-or if her smiles are very awkward and forced-you know for certain that she’s not digging you. When this happens it’s probably best just to ask her if she’d like to call it a night. She’ll probably say yes. She might say no in an effort to spare your feelings, though, so make it clear when you’re talking that you know she’s not interested.

She Shares Nothing

You don’t need to share your life goals when you’re out on a date, but it’s normal to divulge a little information about yourself. If your date won’t say anything about what she does or enjoys, it’s probably a sign that she’s just waiting for the night to end. It’s no fun for you to have to pry information out of her and if you just keep running your mouth all night about you you’re going to start feeling awkward. Cut your losses and call the date off early if she’s being insanely closemouthed.


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