The Pros and Cons of Drinking Before a Hookup

Maybe you’ve never done the one night stand thing before. Maybe you’re not sure how it’s supposed to work. Or maybe your hookup date is so damn sexy that you’re actually nervous. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to have a drink or two before the date’s over and you’re both ready to strip down and get crazy. In some ways alcohol might actually be a good idea. However, in some ways drinking before the hookup happens can lead to a disaster. It all depends on how you handle booze, how your date feels about it, and how nervous you are.

Pro: You Lose Your Inhibitions

“You’ll able to talk more openly with her”

The fact of the matter is that alcohol helps you to lose your inhibitions. So if you’re feeling a little reserved about your decision to hook up with a woman for just one night, a little booze might grease the wheels, so to speak. It works the same way for her, too, so if she looks like she’s on the verge of bolting it might be a good idea to buy her a drink or two.

Con: Tolerances Vary

Maybe you’ve still got the same tolerance for alcohol that you had back in the day at college when keg stands were a way of life for you. While that’s great for you, it’s not necessarily going to be the same for your date. If you’re pounding back the beers she might feel like she’s got to keep up with you, which can lead to her getting absolutely hammered to the point of blacking out. And if that happens, it means no sex for you. So even if you can tolerate massive amounts of alcohol, it might be a good idea to regulate your intake so your date doesn’t A) think you’re a certified drunk and B) pass out after trying to keep up with you.

Pro: It Makes for Easier Conversation

“A couple of drinks can make your conversations go easy”

One other great thing about imbibing is that it makes it easier for most people to be social. If you (or she) are feeling shy, a great way to break the ice is to have a couple drinks to loosen up your tongues. Once the words start coming it’s easy to keep a conversation going, so you won’t have to keep drinking the entire night through. Think of it as lubricating the night ahead-drink just enough to get conversations and the good times going and then stop if things go well. If you both hit it off there’ll be no need to drink any more.

Con: Impotence is a Risk

Most guys who have partied hard in their pasts are going to be aware of the fact that too much booze can inhibit your ability to generate a boner. So if the entire point of this date was to get laid at the end, you may want to back off at slamming more than ten beers or mixing it up with hard liquor. There’s going to be nothing more embarrassing than getting her back to your place (or arriving at hers) and finding out that your dick is refusing to work as ordered. To make sure all your relevant parts stay functioning the way they should, make sure to moderate your booze intake.


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