Things She Says That Should Automatically Make You Say No

“Damn! Why I did so hurry in dating such a freak?”

Dating online has a lot of risks involved with it. While it happens far less than urban legends suggest, there’s always the risk you’re going to run into a woman who’s mentally unhinged or has some really freaky habits. Interacting online can make it tough to spot this kind of crazy, which means that you might end up meeting her in person only to find out that you really shouldn’t have. If you’re worried that she might be the kind of woman you should stay away from but aren’t sure how to tell, you’ll be relieved to know that you might be able to figure it out just from some of the things she says.

She Wants a Sugar Daddy

It can’t get any more clear than this. If she types or says those words to you, it’s instantly obvious what she wants: a man to give her hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a month to provide companionship-and in some cases, “companionship” doesn’t include sex. It just includes hanging out. This is not the kind of arrangement most guys are looking for on dating websites-particularly if that website is meant to help dudes like you find women who only want to hook up. If she’s going on and on about how she wants to be spoiled and how she’d love to be a sugar baby it’s probably a good idea to say no right up front. Otherwise she’s going to start thinking you’d love to drop serious amounts of cash on her.

She’d Love to Try M/M/F

“She is just thinking about her benefit, that shows she is self-centered”

Unless you’re really, really comfortable with your sexuality and open to trying extreme new things, trying out a threesome with two dudes and one woman probably isn’t your thing. This doesn’t make you less of a man. It just means your sexual tastes run more to the traditional and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. So if you’re chatting with a woman you met on a dating website and she keeps mentioning how much she’d like to try a double dong threesome, it’s probably time for you to say no and move onto another woman who’s okay with a dong to vagina ration of 1:1.

She Used to Be a Dude

You might laugh reading this, but it’s been known to happen. People who have undergone sex changes might want to try online dating, too, which means there’s always the risk that the lady you’re talking to once sported the same kind of equipment you do. Or, you might run into someone who’s hoping to get the surgery done, which means she is actually still a he. Again, these are the kinds of situations that only some people are going to be able to handle and there’s no shame if you aren’t one of them. If you were looking to hook up with a woman who was always a woman but she drops the bomb that she’s undergone gender reassignment surgery , it’s probably a good idea to say no before she starts to think that you’re interested. The same goes if she is still actually a he. There’s someone out there who will be into that, so saying no gives them the opportunity to find that person.


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