Tired Moves That Reek of Desperation and What to Do Instead

There are certain moves when you’re casually dating that no man should make. Pulling maneuvers that are old and tired reek of desperation and trying too hard, and women can smell it a mile away. The fact of the matter is that when you’re frequenting hookup sites, you don’t have to try really hard to be impressive or tactful. In fact, the only thing you need to try at is making sure you satisfy her in bed and that you and she are on the same page in regard to expectations. Here are three cheesy moves to never pull with a woman.

Asking Her over for Coffee

“Just play it cool by asking her for coffee”

This is a cowardly move when you really want to just ask her to come up to your place and get down to business. Although asking her in for coffee might seem tactful and make sense since you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, it really just sends mixed signals. Some men think that coffee is code for sex, but you’ll get a variety of women responding differently to this age old line. Some ladies actually want coffee after a long date, and feel like they need to wake up. Some women might laugh and find your outdated tactic endearing. Yet others are going to know you mean sex, but that doesn’t mean everyone. Skip this lame excuse and just tell your date what you want. If you met her off a hookup site, it’s unlikely that she’s expecting a marriage proposal anytime soon. Just play it cool and keep calm as you tell her what you’ve got in mind for after dinner.

Making Awkward Small Talk and Innuendos

“Be straight forward and tell what you want from her”

Awkward small talk is one of the worst things you can inflict on a woman, much less one you’re trying to impress. When you attempt to get a woman to sleep with you, you should be direct and to the point. Not only does this prevent any mix-ups between the two of you, but it also means that there’s no drama. Making awkward small talk, on the other hand, instead of being direct doesn’t get anyone anywhere. Therefore, don’t be afraid to speak your mind in appropriate ways. Under no circumstances, either, should you make innuendos. It’s just cheesy, and doesn’t impress anyone.

Pretending You Don’t Want Sex

You’re taught to pretend you’re not looking for sex. However, that’s not how hookups work. You need to overcome your anxiety and work up the nerve to just tell your date that you think she’s hot and you want to hook up. She’s not going to be shocked unless you had only met five minutes before, because she’s probably thinking she wants the same thing. While obviously this doesn’t completely efface the date itself, being honest and open about your own personal desires is the best way to win over a woman. Don’t pretend you’re not interested in sex, or else she’s going to think that she’s misplaced her interest. While you don’t need to be crude about it, be clear about what you want to happen eventually.


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