What to Do if She Calls You by another Guy’s Name

“This is the second time, she is calling me with that name”

It’s something that every man is afraid will happen at one point in life or another-your lover calls you by another guy’s name. From that point on you’re going to be struggling in regards to what you think you should do-is it grounds for calling off the relationship? Or is it just something you’ll be able to laugh off because commitment isn’t something the two of you have going on? Obviously your reaction will depend on your relationship status, but it’ll also depend on her reaction and how you feel. If you react totally wrong it’ll probably lead to a fight. However, pretending it never happened can also have bad results.

Call Her on It

If you feel like you’ve been insulted by her slip of the tongue, call her on it. This probably won’t end well, but you’ve the right to stand up for yourself in the wake of an insult. She might deny it or she might own to it, and depending on which she chooses you can decide what to do from that point. Just remember that opting for confrontation in the middle of sex is probably going to lead to the end of whatever kind of relationship it is that you have.

Ignore It for Now

There’s a time to talk about this kind of thing, and in the middle of sex isn’t it. Even if the name that came out of her mouth during foreplay wasn’t yours, you can opt to forget about it until the grand finale is over. This is an option you probably won’t choose unless you’re either extremely easygoing or incredibly horny. Just be prepared for some post-coital fighting if you do decide to mention it later during cuddle time.

Pretend It Never Happened

Again, this is an option that you probably won’t consider unless you’re a really easygoing guy or if the relationship doesn’t matter that much to you. She’ll probably be really grateful if you opt to pretend it never happened. However, if it keeps happening it’s going to be harder and harder for you to ignore, which might make you change your mind later on.

Talk About It

“By which name you were calling me in the morning? Who is he”

The most reasonable and mature route to take would be to talk about it, but she might not want to and pushing her to it will only make her mad. If she’s able to talk about her mistake without getting upset you’ll probably be able to agree it was just a mistake. On the other hand she might confess that she WAS thinking about the other dude, which is going to do some serious damage to your libido and self-confidence.

Call Her a Different Name

Maybe you want to fling the insult back at her. Maybe you just want to have some fun. For whatever reason, you might just decide to call her by another woman’s name in response. This will either result in amusement or anger and it’ll be tough to predict which. Hopefully she’ll opt to see the humor in it (provided you were able to do the same) which means that you can both move on from the awkward moment and go back to getting busy.


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