What to Do if She’s Fatter Than She Looked in Her Pictures

“Women often lie about their physical appearance”

One of the only problems with Internet dating is that you don’t get to meet the ladies face to face right away. That’s something you save for later on when you actually agree to meet up. For this reason, you don’t get to see what she looks like in real life. Instead you have to rely on the pictures on her profile and the pictures she sends you. If there’s one thing anyone should have learned from the Age of Selfies our society is in, it’s that there’s always an angle you’re going to look great from. Unfortunately, for some people that angle is really the only way you’re going to look good. So what happens when you’re been chatting up a woman who looks gorgeous and sexy in her pictures only to find out she’s rather large in real life?

Scout Her Out Beforehand

If you’re a little worried about what she might look like in real life, you can always set up the meeting so that you have the opportunity to see her first and then decide what to do. The best way to do this is to get her to agree to wear something specific, like a red shirt or a certain kind of hat. This way you can spot her before she spots you and if she’s looking a little plump, you can bail before you even have to introduce yourself .

Deal With It

“Have a good time, enjoy with her in bed, she’ll surely blow your mind”

If you’re only looking to hook up with her, you could always opt to deal with it. There’s no commitment involved, just sex, so unless you’re super picky about who you get freaky with it really shouldn’t matter. If she’s only packing a few extra pounds then there’s really nothing for you to worry about anyway. If she’s morbidly obese, however, it might change things based on your personal tastes. Just remember that fatness doesn’t mean she’s going to suck in the sack. She might actually blow your mind if you give her a chance.

Call Her on It

This isn’t something most dudes would do, but if you’re feeling pretty ballsy and you feel like she misled you, you’ll probably be tempted to say something. Remember that how you say it is probably going to either lead to her A) breaking down and crying, B) getting really pissed off or C) her running out on the date. Of all the possible outcomes, C is obviously the most desirable. However, A and B are far more likely. Unless you like dealing with women in hysterics or women who want to claw your eyes out of your head, you need to be careful on how you call her out.

Make a Sneaky Exit

Maybe you just can’t dig her now that you know she’s plus-size. Instead of being a massive asshole and telling her that she’s too fat for you, you can always opt to do something that’s nearly as mean but will have less in the way of consequences for you. You can always tell her you need to use the restroom and then sneak away, which is basically the same as standing her up but worse because you actually met her first. At least this way you won’t have to confront her about why you can’t get a boner, but you’ll also know that she’ll think you’re the scum of the earth for the rest of her life.


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