Why “NSA” Isn’t Always Going to Stay “NSA”

There are few things as awesome on the Internet as dating websites that focus on helping people find “NSA” (no strings attached) sexual relationships. Unsurprisingly, these websites are hugely popular. It’s not just men that want to be able to hook up without having to worry about emotional baggage, it’s women, too. However, just because you both agree to start hooking up because you’re looking for a sexual outlet doesn’t mean that things are going to stay that way. Even the most casual of relationships can end up having feelings involved, which means you’ll have to bail and start over if you’re not interested in something long-term. There are tons of reasons why this happens, and it’s important to understand these reasons so you can try to avoid them.

Familiarity Brings Comfort

“Once you get comfortable with her, you’ll start falling for her”

This is a fact. People find comfort in things that are familiar to them, other people included. So if you’ve been hooking up with the same woman for an extended period of time, you’re eventually going to find that she’s become a source of comfort to you. When things get comfortable is also when feelings tend to start developing. She might start looking at you as a long-term partner instead of someone she turns to whenever she’s horny. Or, it might be the other way around with you developing feelings for her because she’s become such a comfortable part of your life. If you’re keen on hooking up just for the sake of hooking up, it might be a good idea to end casual relationships once they start to become too familiar to you.

Emotional Stress in Other Areas

“If she gets sad, you will try to console her”

When people experience emotional stress one area of their life, they often turn to other areas to try and find comfort. For example, say your hookup partner lost her job. She’s going to turn to you in order to feel better, which in turn can lead to her falling for you because you’ve been such a source of comfort. Unfortunately you can’t predict or control when this is going to happen, which makes it very hard to avoid.

Change in Perspective

Maybe her best friend just got married. Maybe her sister just had a baby. Whatever the reason, her life perspective has suddenly changed which means that she’s going to start looking at everything in her life-including you-much differently. Instead of seeing you as the guy she goes to whenever she’s horny, she might start eyeing you up as prospective husband material. If you get the feeling that things have changed this way, it’s a good idea to start distancing yourself as soon as you can-unless of course your outlook has changed as well.


Maybe she was in a serious relationship and was hooking up with you on the side. Maybe that serious relationship suddenly ended in a bad way. She’s going to want to hurt her ex in any way she can, which means that you’re going to become the method she uses. She won’t be looking at you strictly as a sex object-she’s going to want to get back at her ex by making you into a dating candidate.


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