Why Keeping the “Date” in Casual Dating Will Help You Score More Hookups

While you might be all about the hookup–and we are, too, seriously!–you do need to make sure that you still treat her like a princess whenever you’re dating her.

It’s worth it.

A large part of our NSA dating guide might be about getting that lady in the sack, but it really also is about being able to treat her like the lady she is and be a gentleman.

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You don’t need money to do this. You don’t need to have a fancy job or an awesome career. You just need to be a good guy, and that’s going to be enough for her.

The more that you can actually treat her to a good time before you even make it to the bedroom, the better. This is a huge part of being able to make her happy with you.

Really ‘Dating’ Her is a Key to Getting Her in Your Bed, and That’s a Fact. Here’s How We Do It.

It’s not exactly rocket science in order to please the ladies. We might have taken awhile to figure it out, but honestly, once you get it, it’s going to be like riding a bike.

Just because it’s a hookup doesn’t mean that you don’t need to treat your encounter with her like you would any other date. You might be getting laid, but that’s just part of it.

Listen up–you’re basically getting to spend an evening with a gorgeous woman. Why wouldn’t you want to live that up to the fullest? That’s about how we look at it.

She’s not a guarantee.

What you ultimately need to get is that she’s not just a guaranteed hookup for you. You might have met her online with that in mind, but it’s not exactly always going to happen.

That’s why you’ve got to figure out what it is that’s going to wow her. Being able to do that will make you a stand out that she actually wants to hop in the sack with.

She’s going to be justified for dumping you if you can’t impress her, and that’s your own fault. Put on those confident pants, and give it a go that’s actually worth her while.

Show her a nice evening.

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It all starts out with dinner. You don’t have to take her to the most expensive restaurant in town, and honestly, you probably shouldn’t waste your money with that.

The more that you can actually take her to somewhere nice, however, the better off you’re going to be. If you’re meeting up in a hotel, then there’s no reason that can’t be the hotel bar.

Being able to line things up this conveniently is a great part of our NSA dating tips that will really steer you far. That’s something that we’ve always tried to do in the past.

Take her somewhere nice.

You don’t just have to settle for dinner. While the movie trope is very overdone, you can still focus on actually taking her somewhere that’s going to be worth her while.

This can either be a concert, a park, or even some viewing of a shooting star for all we care. Whatever it is, you need to make sure that she’s actually interested in the idea.

If you look at her profile, you should have a huge number of ideas that can really end up making her night. You can pick and choose and ask her what she’d like to do.

Don’t just wing it.

Not planning out your dates in advance can really end up bombing on you, and that’s not something that you want at all. Book the restaurant and get the tickets beforehand.

By doing this, it’s showing that you actually give a damn and that you’re serious about having fun with her. That’s going to make her want to have sex with you more than anything.

Whatever you do, don’t force the issue. The more time that you take to actually put forth effort to make her happy, the more she’s going to want to be with you by the end of the night.


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Our Best Recs for NSA Dating Sites

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
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#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: GetItOn


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