Why You Should Insist on Video Chat Instead of Pictures

“A video call is the best way to communicate” One of the only downsides of using any kind of Internet dating site is that you have to rely solely on pictures to try and figure out how sexy all the ladies are. Pictures are handy, but they’re also unreliable. A woman can look amazing in a photo but look a little less than sexy once you see her in person. If you’ve ever used any kind of dating website you’ve probably been frustrated by how inaccurate pictures can be. If you’re interested in really getting to see a woman before you commit to a date or to hooking up, you need to start insisting on doing video chats instead of exchanging photos. Video Gives You Prolonged Exposure A picture just captures a brief moment whereas video chats give you a prolonged period of time to get a really good look at her. This means you get to see her face when she isn’t smiling and she isn’t making provocative faces at the camera. This isn’t to say that pouting lips and a sexy stare aren’t awesome, but let’s be realistic: that’s not how she looks most of the time. And if you’re going to be hooking up with her or…

Why “NSA” Isn’t Always Going to Stay “NSA”

There are few things as awesome on the Internet as dating websites that focus on helping people find “NSA” (no strings attached) sexual relationships. Unsurprisingly, these websites are hugely popular. It’s not just men that want to be able to hook up without having to worry about emotional baggage, it’s women, too. However, just because you both agree to start hooking up because you’re looking for a sexual outlet doesn’t mean that things are going to stay that way. Even the most casual of relationships can end up having feelings involved, which means you’ll have to bail and start over if you’re not interested in something long-term. There are tons of reasons why this happens, and it’s important to understand these reasons so you can try to avoid them. Familiarity Brings Comfort “Once you get comfortable with her, you’ll start falling for her” This is a fact. People find comfort in things that are familiar to them, other people included. So if you’ve been hooking up with the same woman for an extended period of time, you’re eventually going to find that she’s become a source of comfort to you. When things get comfortable is also when feelings tend to start developing. She might start looking at you as a…

What to Do When Conventional Dating Stops Doing it for You

Maybe you’ve been in the dating game for quite a while. Maybe you’ve had several long-term relationships that haven’t gone anywhere and now you feel like you’re burned out on all things romance. No, this isn’t the end of the road for you where relationships are concerned, even if it feels like it. It just means that you need to take a break from the dating game and take some time to recharge and get your perspective sorted out. Some guys opt to do this in different ways. Taking a break from conventional dating gives you time to pursue other options, all of which can be good for you in the long run. Abstain “Take a day or two to relax your mind and think what you need” If you’re feeling way too worn out from your dating experiences over the past couple of years, it might be a good idea to just step away from it all and take a break. Abstaining from sex and relationships doesn’t mean you’ll be doing it indefinitely, it just means that you’re taking some time away to figure out what you want and what you’re looking for in a partner. Abstaining is often easier to talk about than it is to do (particularly…

What to Do if She’s Fatter Than She Looked in Her Pictures

“Women often lie about their physical appearance” One of the only problems with Internet dating is that you don’t get to meet the ladies face to face right away. That’s something you save for later on when you actually agree to meet up. For this reason, you don’t get to see what she looks like in real life. Instead you have to rely on the pictures on her profile and the pictures she sends you. If there’s one thing anyone should have learned from the Age of Selfies our society is in, it’s that there’s always an angle you’re going to look great from. Unfortunately, for some people that angle is really the only way you’re going to look good. So what happens when you’re been chatting up a woman who looks gorgeous and sexy in her pictures only to find out she’s rather large in real life? Scout Her Out Beforehand If you’re a little worried about what she might look like in real life, you can always set up the meeting so that you have the opportunity to see her first and then decide what to do. The best way to do this is to get her to agree to wear something specific, like a red shirt or…

What to Do if She Calls You by another Guy’s Name

“This is the second time, she is calling me with that name” It’s something that every man is afraid will happen at one point in life or another-your lover calls you by another guy’s name. From that point on you’re going to be struggling in regards to what you think you should do-is it grounds for calling off the relationship? Or is it just something you’ll be able to laugh off because commitment isn’t something the two of you have going on? Obviously your reaction will depend on your relationship status, but it’ll also depend on her reaction and how you feel. If you react totally wrong it’ll probably lead to a fight. However, pretending it never happened can also have bad results. Call Her on It If you feel like you’ve been insulted by her slip of the tongue, call her on it. This probably won’t end well, but you’ve the right to stand up for yourself in the wake of an insult. She might deny it or she might own to it, and depending on which she chooses you can decide what to do from that point. Just remember that opting for confrontation in the middle of sex is probably going to lead to the end of whatever…

Tired Moves That Reek of Desperation and What to Do Instead

There are certain moves when you’re casually dating that no man should make. Pulling maneuvers that are old and tired reek of desperation and trying too hard, and women can smell it a mile away. The fact of the matter is that when you’re frequenting hookup sites, you don’t have to try really hard to be impressive or tactful. In fact, the only thing you need to try at is making sure you satisfy her in bed and that you and she are on the same page in regard to expectations. Here are three cheesy moves to never pull with a woman. Asking Her over for Coffee “Just play it cool by asking her for coffee” This is a cowardly move when you really want to just ask her to come up to your place and get down to business. Although asking her in for coffee might seem tactful and make sense since you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, it really just sends mixed signals. Some men think that coffee is code for sex, but you’ll get a variety of women responding differently to this age old line. Some ladies actually want coffee after a long date, and feel like they need to wake up. Some women might…

Things She Says That Should Automatically Make You Say No

“Damn! Why I did so hurry in dating such a freak?” Dating online has a lot of risks involved with it. While it happens far less than urban legends suggest, there’s always the risk you’re going to run into a woman who’s mentally unhinged or has some really freaky habits. Interacting online can make it tough to spot this kind of crazy, which means that you might end up meeting her in person only to find out that you really shouldn’t have. If you’re worried that she might be the kind of woman you should stay away from but aren’t sure how to tell, you’ll be relieved to know that you might be able to figure it out just from some of the things she says. She Wants a Sugar Daddy It can’t get any more clear than this. If she types or says those words to you, it’s instantly obvious what she wants: a man to give her hundreds (or thousands) of dollars a month to provide companionship-and in some cases, “companionship” doesn’t include sex. It just includes hanging out. This is not the kind of arrangement most guys are looking for on dating websites-particularly if that website is meant to help dudes like you find women who only…

The Pros and Cons of Video Chatting

“Video chatting helps you to strike conversation with more than one woman” There’s a lot to love about online dating websites. For starters, they give you access to thousands of women who are looking for guys just like you. They make the process of meeting women much faster and easier than if you’d gone out and tried to meet them through more conventional ways. They also allow you to strike up conversations with more than one woman. For all these awesome things, however, there is one big drawback with doing any kind of dating online: you don’t get to meet the ladies in person. That doesn’t mean you can’t see them face to face or talk to them, though-it’s easy enough to start video chatting. But talking to her through video isn’t always going to be aces, and before you decide to start up a video call with her you need to understand the pros and cons. Con: Your Connection Affects Video Quality So you’ve got a webcam and so does she. You’re both on Skype. Everything should be good to go, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Video quality through Face Time or Skype is going to depend largely on the strength of your Internet connection. If your…

The Pros and Cons of Using NSA Dating Websites

Maybe you’re tired of trying to score hookups the old fashioned way: bars, parties, or through your social circle. Before you start getting too bummed out, you need to realize that there are other ways to find women who’d love to get into the sack with you. All you need to do is go online and find one of the thousands of dating websites that are out there. If what you’re interested in is just casual sex, the best kind of website for you to check out will be the “NSA” (no strings attached) kind. These focus on pairing men and women who are only on the lookout for casual sex partners. But before you start to register, you’ll need to figure out if this kind of website is really what you need or whether you should look for other methods of finding hookup partners. Pro: Faster and Easier One of the best parts of NSA dating websites is that they tend to help you find partners faster and easier than if you go the regular route. If you’re used to scoring hookups by hanging out at bars, for example, you’re probably aware that some nights you’ll win and some nights you’ll lose and that there’s really no way to…

The Pros and Cons of Drinking Before a Hookup

Maybe you’ve never done the one night stand thing before. Maybe you’re not sure how it’s supposed to work. Or maybe your hookup date is so damn sexy that you’re actually nervous. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to have a drink or two before the date’s over and you’re both ready to strip down and get crazy. In some ways alcohol might actually be a good idea. However, in some ways drinking before the hookup happens can lead to a disaster. It all depends on how you handle booze, how your date feels about it, and how nervous you are. Pro: You Lose Your Inhibitions “You’ll able to talk more openly with her” The fact of the matter is that alcohol helps you to lose your inhibitions. So if you’re feeling a little reserved about your decision to hook up with a woman for just one night, a little booze might grease the wheels, so to speak. It works the same way for her, too, so if she looks like she’s on the verge of bolting it might be a good idea to buy her a drink or two. Con: Tolerances Vary Maybe you’ve still got the same tolerance for alcohol that you had back in the day at college…


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Our Best Recs for NSA Dating Sites

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: GetItOn


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