Just Doesn’t Work as a No Strings Attached Dating Site claims to be the largest directory of sex ads out there on the Internet, which is automatically just complete and utter crap. It’s a really, really bad site. It’s dead in the water. We’re always skeptical of numbers that keep popping up on these kinds of sites, but when they really claim to be something huge and ridiculous, that’s just no good. This site does that in really copious amounts, and that’s the kind of thing that is never going to end up giving you what you want, especially when no one’s really active. This site just doesn’t have the active member base that any hookup site needs in order to actually function. Instead, it’s just one big hot mess after another, and we’re sure of that. It’s that bad for sure. Trying to find women on this horrible site is like pulling teeth, and it’s because they don’t want to be associated with a site that basically just treats them like sex toys. Everywhere you look here, it’s just boobs and butts and nothing else. Scantily clad women are the only things that are advertised here, and that doesn’t do it for the ladies. With that in mind, there’s no reason to ever end up sticking around here.… Sucks as a No Strings Attached Dating Site in Every Way

When a hookup site like flat out says that the pictures on the front page of their site aren’t real ladies on the site, that’s just plain not a good sign at all. It’s all a lie. This site is just really gross from top to bottom, and it’s because they really just put up a bunch of fake, stolen pictures to convince men to join. That’s really not the way to go. Whenever we find hookup sites, we really want to see real ladies on the site. This site obviously isn’t ever going to give us that, and it’s kind of shocking, truth be told. When a hookup site is lying about something like that–or in this case, being really open about how filthy and pathetic they are–that’s not a place we want to be. It’s just empty, too. This site also has another huge flaw, and it’s the fact that it doesn’t even try to cater to the ladies. The layout is nothing but a lot of scantily clad women, and that’s no good. Sure, we like looking at them, but any guy with hormones is going to understand that you can see a naked woman in the flesh if you can actually hookup with them online.… Isn’t Close to a Good No Strings Attached Dating Site

Upon accessing for the first time, we really did just have to cringe. There’s nothing like a site that poorly ends up catering to men in the worst of every way. It’s just gross. This site has naked women on it, and apparently, that’s supposed to be appealing to us in every single way. This site does, however, also have really ugly women on it. Usually, we’re not going to be the ones that judge, but it’s really shocking how poorly constructed the site layout is around these women that are poorly photoshopped. Whenever we’re presented with something like this, we just have to shake our heads and feel bad for the models. How did they even get roped into a project like this? It’s just sad, honestly. The more that we poked around this site, the more we also realized what we really knew deep in our hearts: it doesn’t cater to women, so there’s no point to trying. The thing is, you absolutely need that intimate atmosphere to bring the ladies in. Instead, this site just has naked women all over the front page, and that doesn’t work. We were really unhappy with seeing that, and we definitely were already ready to just throw in the towel.… Isn’t a Good No Strings Attached Dating Site in the Least

When it comes to a site like, consider this: actually getting ladies to join. We have to wonder how anyone on this site thinks that’s going to end up happening. There are nothing but naked ladies here. On the front page, they really do try to advertise how many gorgeous, naked women are on the site looking to get laid. It’s a lie, trust us. It’s pretty cut in stone, that. We were really not surprised when we dug into this site and found it actually quite inactive. Shocker, women don’t want to join a site where they just feel like objects. That’s all that they’re going to get here, and that’s why none of them want to join. It’s a really crappy site, and it’s certainly not going to do them any favors for joining. It’s not going to help you, either. Obviously, if there aren’t any women joining this site, what’s the point at all? There’s no real chance that you’re going to end up meeting any women in a place like this. With that in mind, we became increasingly aware of how dead the site was, and how ready we were to get the hell out of here and never come back to it ever again.… is a Really Crappy No Strings Attached Dating Site For Sure

The more that we ended up looking at, the more we realized we’ve seen this layout before…on a bunch of canned, template website resource sites that are no good. It’s that bad. Listen–we can understand wanting a strong, clean layout for a hookup site, but at least hire a designer that’s worth his snot. This site isn’t even trying to make that happen. We were really disappointed to see a site like this one still up and around, and terribly empty at that. That’s because it’s just really not made to be a good hookup site. It can’t withstand any amount of activity. With a layout like this, what’s the point in even trying to make a lot of profiles show up? It’s just not going to happen in a reliable way. It doesn’t work. If you don’t have a site that’s tailored towards actually making hookups happen, what’s the point? We really found ourselves struggling with that here, and we weren’t happy. A site like this one would be much better served left alone and never accessed again. Unless it has a major overhaul, it’s just not going to end up any good at all in the future. That’s why we couldn’t wait to leave. A site like… Can’t Compute as a No Strings Attached Dating Site

You know how we always talk about hookup sites needing to cater to women? Well, doesn’t do that at all–in every single way possible that you can think of. It’s pathetic. The front page doesn’t just have one naked woman on it. It has a naked woman, a naked woman in a video, and a whole tiling background of nothing but naked women. If that isn’t overkill and desperation, we don’t know what is. We might be younger, but we’ve seen a lot of hookup sites, and this one is just really trying too hard to get guys to join. It certainly isn’t going to end up getting women to join, however. They are probably going to end up running screaming from a site like this, and we can’t blame them. We wanted to run screaming, too. With a site like this one, we really can’t imagine anyone ever being able to have any modicum of results here. It’s just so empty of any real life that it’s kind of shocking. The only real women that you’re going to end up seeing on a site like this are a ton of escorts, and believe us when we say that’s not the sort of thing that you want to go… Can’t Compete as a No Strings Attached Dating Site

Sites like really are just shockingly bad. That can be seen just from the front page, and it all is reflected in the fact that they just put up a lot of boobs. That’s gonna scare ladies away. Without a doubt, a good hookup site is going to cater to the women. This site doesn’t do that at all, and instead just makes us feel like we’re all out there alone online. When you end up on a hookup site that’s honestly that empty and dead, what’s the point? We found ourselves really scratching our heads, especially at the lack of ladies. A site like that really needs to figure out how to better cater to women…and it ultimately comes down to the fact that it doesn’t need to be as empty as this one on intimacy. It’s nothing but text and bad images. The front page of this site reflects the rest of this site, too: poorly designed with a lot of fake profiles that are just using cookies to figure out your location. It’s no good at all. We were really unhappy to see these kinds of things still up and around on the Internet, and especially tricking guys that just honestly want to have a good… Can’t Deal as a No Strings Attached Dating Site Online

Everyone’s heard of At first glance, you might think it’s a great way to end up using classifieds to meet women, but trust us, that’s really not the case. It’s not safe at all. There’s no real moderation to this site at all, and it’s honestly just pretty damn sleazy. These people can post anything all the time, and you’ll mostly see creepy dick pics. This is the kind of environment that scammers can end up flourishing in. Even if you end up reporting certain listings, chances are, you’re just not going to get results. It’s not a safe place at all, obviously. The more that you read about horrible things happening because of meet ups online, the more that you’ll be able to trace them back to this site. Don’t do it. This is one of the very few scenarios that we can honestly just say not to do it on. It’s a really shocking thing to think about, but a site like this can actually get you hurt. We really recommend that you don’t even think about getting on an unmoderated site like this ever if you’re looking to meet someone in real life. You just don’t know what can happen. Even if you’re in college, this… is a Bad Example of a No Strings Attached Dating Site

Sites like are really just a joke, but they certainly are a good laugh at the very least. The more time that we spent here, the more we had to pick on. It’s worthless. The thing about this site is that it really does think that it’s cooler than it really is. It’s just not. It’s mostly just a hot mess of fakes and escorts, and that’s about all that is on the site. The real gold comes from the fact that they think that they’re super cool, however. They have these things called Booty Call Commandments, and they’re hilariously awful. If you try to go off of these commandments, you’re an idiot, one. Two, you really are in for a treat of laughter, and that’s about it. You aren’t going to end up getting laid here. There’s no one to meet. Aside from the obvious escorts on this site, there’s no one legitimate for you to meet. There’s mostly just a ton of old, dead profiles at the very best, and that’s no fun. With a site like this one, it’s best just to laugh at the main page and then move on from it. You aren’t ever going to end up with a better scenario, and that’s… Disappoints as a No Strings Attached Dating Site Online

Unsurprisingly, does a really poor job of even trying to put up real pictures on the front page of their site. It’s just a bad layout right off the bat, and that’s no good. We were disappointed. The thing about this site is that it just doesn’t even seem to understand its audience. It tries to be an intimate atmosphere, but then it just fails on the layout entirely. The front splash page is bad enough. It clearly just took a ton of old profile pictures and posted them up, and they could easily be from any other site out there. This is really not the way to start attracting people. Fake profiles aren’t something that we want in a hookup site, and this site apparently doesn’t even come close to realizing that. It’s just cluttered. Once you enter the main site, you’re going to lose all sense of integrity in the design. The site itself is very hard to navigate, and that means you can’t find what you want. We were really challenged to even be able to use the search effectively here. It’s just not a good place to be at all, and that means that you definitely won’t get laid here. We were pretty disappointed…but again,…


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Our Best Recs for NSA Dating Sites

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: GetItOn


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