What to Do if She Calls You by another Guy’s Name

“This is the second time, she is calling me with that name” It’s something that every man is afraid will happen at one point in life or another-your lover calls you by another guy’s name. From that point on you’re going to be struggling in regards to what you think you should do-is it grounds for calling off the relationship? Or is it just something you’ll be able to laugh off because commitment isn’t something the two of you have going on? Obviously your reaction will depend on your relationship status, but it’ll also depend on her reaction and how you feel. If you react totally wrong it’ll probably lead to a fight. However, pretending it never happened can also have bad results. Call Her on It If you feel like you’ve been insulted by her slip of the tongue, call her on it. This probably won’t end well, but you’ve the right to stand up for yourself in the wake of an insult. She might deny it or she might own to it, and depending on which she chooses you can decide what to do from that point. Just remember that opting for confrontation in the middle of sex is probably going to lead to the end of whatever…

The Best Setting for a One Night Stand

One night stands are better off being held at your place. That’s so you don’t end up finding a massive boyfriend waiting for you that you didn’t know about. So you can leave if ever things go so far south you can’t bone. So that you can control the situation and perform better for her. Having control over the setting of the one night stand can lead you to feeling manlier and more capable of actually getting it on with a beautiful woman. Get your act together and show her the best time of her life by setting your place up perfectly for the night. The Bathroom The bathroom is the number one place that a woman will judge when she comes into your home. Whether she’s a girlie-girl or not, she’s going to want to know that she can girl-poop in peace without having to worry about a few pubes or mold getting on her butt. Go through your bathroom and clean every surface that you can see. The sinks, the shower, and the toilet are obvious. Now do all the spots on those pieces of furniture that you can’t see right away. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve missed. When you’re done put a towel up to dry…

The Best Breakfast to Make Your Fling

“End your hook up on great terms by offering her breakfast” Not every guy out there is a douche to his one hit wonder. Despite what the movies say, it’s not required that you throw out the woman that you only intend to sleep with a few times. Be a nice guy and you could end up getting some major karma. One minute you’re in bed with her, the next you’ve ended the fling on great terms and she told her friends about it. Then you’ve got hot women crawling up your pants to get at you. The best way to be cooler to a fling is to make her breakfast. She’ll think that you’re romantic and, truly, the best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. At least when only sex is involved. The Classic “Prepare an omelet for her” The classic breakfast has to be eggs and toast. It’s simple enough to prepare and takes very little time while still giving her the better treatment. Eggs over medium tend to satisfy everyone, so when you get the pan over medium hit get to cracking…gently. You’ll break the yolks if you crack the egg against a rim. Instead, hit it on a flat surface. Then you put…


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