The Best Setting for a One Night Stand

One night stands are better off being held at your place. That’s so you don’t end up finding a massive boyfriend waiting for you that you didn’t know about. So you can leave if ever things go so far south you can’t bone. So that you can control the situation and perform better for her. Having control over the setting of the one night stand can lead you to feeling manlier and more capable of actually getting it on with a beautiful woman. Get your act together and show her the best time of her life by setting your place up perfectly for the night. The Bathroom The bathroom is the number one place that a woman will judge when she comes into your home. Whether she’s a girlie-girl or not, she’s going to want to know that she can girl-poop in peace without having to worry about a few pubes or mold getting on her butt. Go through your bathroom and clean every surface that you can see. The sinks, the shower, and the toilet are obvious. Now do all the spots on those pieces of furniture that you can’t see right away. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve missed. When you’re done put a towel up to dry…

On a Roll: Using a Dating Website to Assemble a Harem

“It is every man’s dream to get more and more women to sleep with” It’s every guy’s dream: having more than one sex partner with no strings attached with any of them. Who wouldn’t love being able to hook up with multiple sexy ladies without having to deal with any of that relationship crap? You might think this kind of amazing scenario is beyond your reach but the fact is that it’s not. If you’ve ever tried out a “NSA” (no strings attached) dating website, you’ve probably realized that it’s possible to hook up with more than woman. But have you ever considered the fact that you could actually create a harem for yourself? State it On Your Profile If you’re looking for more than one woman to start hooking up with, you should put it in your dating website profile. This lets the ladies know that you’re really not looking to get involved. It also lets them know that monogamy is not on the table. Yes, this will probably turn some ladies away but it will also interest the other women who just want a man that’s going to satisfy their sexual craving and leave it at that. Doing this also means that you won’t have to justify the…

Making the Most of a Hookup with a Girl Who Doesn’t Look like You Expected

Meeting up with women from the Internet is always going to be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes you will wind up meeting up with a woman only to realize that she looks nothing like what you expected. This is obviously a bummer, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a deal breaker. You can still have a satisfying hookup with a woman that doesn’t look like what you expected, believe it or not. You don’t need to go home unsatisfied and frustrated with the entire situation. if you are starting to meet women online and you’re worried that this will happen to you, here is what you need to know about how to make the most of a hookup with a woman that doesn’t look like she did in her pictures: Should You Even Bother? “Whether you like her or not, just finish what you have come for” You might just want to walk away and give up if she doesn’t look like what you expected. It can be pretty devastating to come to terms with the fact that a woman either lied to you about what she looked like or used old or fake pictures. It’s definitely not a fun part of using hookup sites, but it does…

How to Make Yourself Seem like the Better Choice

“Know more about her interests and hobbies to impress her” You are online looking for a potential hook-up, and that doesn’t make you special. In fact, many other men are turning to the Internet to help them get laid with the girl of their dreams. As such, you have tough competition to defeat before even landing a date. Fortunately, all hope is not lost. There are ways you can make yourself seem like the better choice for her, even if it may not be true. The key is to advertise yourself well. Just like how you would brag about your good points to potential employers, you should do the same to the women on dating sites. Advertise Your Compatibility with Her To convince a woman that she should bother to give you her time of day, you must make yourself sound like a great catch for her. Skim through her profile to see if there is anything you can use to attract her attention and reel her in. For instance, if she is a strong believer in the compatibility of star signs, you can use that to win her over, especially if your star signs are truly compatible. If the woman you are interested does not believe in astrology, don’t…

Hookup Date Ideas to Avoid

“You are just here for a hook-up, so taking her to a candle-night dinner will be a bad idea” Getting together with a woman for casual sex isn’t usually all about the sex. It would be weird to just get together with a woman you don’t know and then hop right into bed with her. This is why even hookups usually start out with some kind of date first. This gives you an opportunity to get to know her a little bit before you get naked in front of her. It doesn’t mean you’re trying to romance her; it just means that you’re attempting to make her less of a stranger before you commit to doing the deed. Because it’s not meant to be a serious date you might think you can just take her anywhere, but that’s not the case. Even a pre-hookup date should be planned a little bit, and if you want to seal the deal you need to make sure it’s a good plan. Strip Club Sure, maybe the wings they serve there are great and the music is amazing. Maybe it’s even not half bad as a club. But taking your date here because you think it will get her in the mood is a…

Deciding on Her Place or Your Place for a Hookup

“Weigh the pros and cons before making any decision” When you’re about to hook up, deciding whether to go back to your place or her place can present a big conundrum. First, of course, there’s the debacle over whether actually going home with a date is a good idea. There are lots of things to be concerned with, such as your privacy and confirming that both you and she are ready to actually hook up. Once you’re ready without a doubt, though, here are a few tactics for deciding whether to go back to your place or hers. The Roommate Debacle This is an easier question to answer, because no one likes dealing with roommates when they’re trying to have an amorous encounter. If you live with roommates, then definitely see if you can go to her place. The issue with roommates is that, not only do you stand a chance of being interrupted, but not everyone lives with roommates. Therefore, if that’s your living arrangement, but she lives in her own apartment, she may not understand. It’s always best to err on the side of avoiding roommates if possible. Is She Married or Single? This is an important question, because there’s no reason you shouldn’t be hooking up with…

3 Steps towards Having a Stellar Hookup

Hooking up may seem like something that should be easy as pie and come naturally to you, but it isn’t always that easy, especially when you use online dating sites as a way to find women to hook up with. You want to make sure that experience you have is a good one, but that can sometimes be easier said than done. There are certain things you need to do in order to ensure that you have a good hookup and that you don’t wind up having a bad experience that you’ll regret later on. if you want to have a great hookup from start to finish, then here are some of the steps you should follow – you won’t regret heeding our advice once you realize how much better it can make your experiences. 1. Setting the Tone in Your Messages You need to start out strong when you’re contacting women on hookup sites, and that means you need to set the right tone in your messages and profiles. You want to go for a casual and suave tone in your messages, but you don’t want to come off too strong. If you act too serious in your messages, you might not get the responses you want. You don’t…


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Our Best Recs for NSA Dating Sites

#1 Site: XXXConnect
#2 Site: FuckBookNet
#3 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: GetItOn


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